Manage Records

Cardholder records can be maintained in ID Flow identification card software or in your own database. ID Flow identification card system can import records from or connect in real-time to most databases.

Live Database Connection

Directly connect to any existing ODBC / OLE DB compatible database via a live connection and integrate with your existing HR, ERP, and access control systems. No import / export is required. Start printing ID cards with ID Flow identification card software within a few minutes by selecting a sample ID card template and connect it to your database. Select records from the database and click print to print ID cards for all selected records.

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Excel
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
Manage Cardholder Records
Integrate With 3rd Party Apps

3rd Party Integration

ID Flow identification card system includes a command-line utility for printing cards from 3rd party applications such as web applications. Existing desktop or web applications can pass data to the command-line-utility in XML format, send a batch file with XML commands or pass information as command line parameters.


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