ID Card Software for Everybody

ID Flow stands out as the leading employee badge maker and the favorite ID card system for non-profits, student groups, and anyone else who needs an effective ID badge system. Besides essential features, ID Flow is easy to use and saves money on ID badge printing.

Design Your ID Badge

Need a simplistic business ID badge or a more expressive ID card that lets your employees stand out? You can create every type of ID card with ID Flow, from simple black-on-white to colorful one-of-the-kind badges.

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Custom Badge Designer
Add a Photo to ID Card

Smile for the Camera

Export from camera or your laptop and include quality photos on every ID badge. If you don't have a camera, you can scan driver's licenses and collect photos and other necessary data.

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Print User-Ready ID Cards

ID Flow is an ID card software that you can connect to any ID-printing printer. Print different-sized ID badges and update them regularly without feeling the stress of having to spend money just to correct a word or two.

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Card Printer
Generate Reports

Intuitive & Simple

ID Flow stands out from other ID card software due to its simplicity without compromising the quality. You get everything you need without having to master the software-learning curve.