Your Hospital Badge System

Every hospital and clinic requires effective regulation policies. To ensure everyone's safety and proper data collection, you need a robust hospital badge system. Create employee ID cards for your medical staff and decide who can access which part of the medical facility.

Design Your Medical ID Badge

With ID Flow you decide what goes on your hospital ID badge. You can even create a custom doctor ID card or a nurse ID badge with unique properties.

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Custom Badge Designer
Access Control

Integrate Existing Access Control System

Instead of spending money and time customizing the hospital's access control system from scratch, integrate ID Flow with your existing one and have employees use their medical ID badges for everyday access.

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Print Employee ID Cards

ID Flow connects to any modern printer. Print medical ID badges and update them whenever you need to without employing 3rd party services. ID Flow makes medical ID badge managing easy and effective.

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Card Printer
Generate Reports

Generate Informative Reports

Keep a watchful eye on everything that happens inside the medical facility. Download reports, create your own and distribute them via email or print.