Employee ID Card Maker for Offices

ID Flow ID card maker software makes it easy to design bar-coded employee photo badges and encoded chip smart cards. Just download and install the software on a PC, connect the required hardware such as scanners and printers, and start designing company ID cards like a pro. ID Flow gives you the ability to design and print employee ID cards in house, eliminating your dependence on online ID card makers and third-party badging solutions.

Benefits of Using In-house ID Card Maker Software

Today's cloud connected ID card makers may offer benefits such as global accessibility and centralized management. However, on-premise software such as ID Flow have their own advantages.

On-Premise ID Card Software
Affordable Cost

Affordable and Cost Effective

You can own ID Flow for a small one-time investment as opposed to a monthly recurring fee that could turn out to be expensive if you need to print employee ID cards in large numbers or quite frequently.

More Control Over Your Data

Our employee ID badge design software gives you more control over your employees' data and rids you of dependence on third parties, not to mention the significant monthly fee that online ID card makers usually charge.

Data Control
Versatile ID Card Designs

Flexibility and Versatility

You can use ID Flow even at remote locations with no internet coverage. The software installs on your server or any PC at your premises and is up and running within minutes. ID Flow is fit for multiple use cases, including employee ID card design, access control cards making and visitor photo badge making.

Security and Ease of Use

The software helps ramp up security and convenience by making photo IDs that can optionally contain the user's fingerprints and a unique barcode. You can capture employees' photos using a webcam and auto-fill their information on their ID cards by scanning their driver license.

Secure ID Cards
ID Designer Features

Features of ID Flow ID Card Maker

ID Flow offers all the features that you may expect as a small business owner or HR manager.

  • Design professional ID cards
  • Include your company logo and employee photo
  • Include barcodes for quick authentication
  • Encode smart cards
  • Capture signatures and fingerprints
  • Driver license scanning
  • Built-in Record Manager
  • Generate reports for tracking and record keeping