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Eventleaf Okta Integration Offers Enhanced Security and Convenience to Users
Event managers can now log into Eventleaf using their Okta Single Sign-On credentials.

SAN MATEO, Calif. – Jan 13, 2022 – Eventleaf, an industry-leading event management application, has completed integration with the cloud-based identity management platform Okta. With the integration going live, companies using Okta can add Eventleaf to their Single Sign-On (SSO) technology stack and implement two-factor authentication.

"We visualize a seamless world of interconnected, secure cloud-based platforms," says Sandeep Jolly, CEO and founder of Eventleaf's parent company Jolly Technologies. "The Okta integration is a part of our strategy to make Eventleaf compatible with the world's most popular business apps. Our drive is going to continue through 2022 with more integrations coming soon."

Okta is a global leader in the identity and access management space. It is a cloud-based as well as on-premise platform that offers a range of services including single sign-on, universal directory, user management, and multifactor authentication. The app has more than 100 million users and over 14,000 corporate clients.

The average employee uses at least 9 different apps just to complete basic everyday tasks. For example, an event manager may need to hop between an event management portal, CRM software, a bunch of social media channels, several productivity apps, and multiple email accounts many times daily. Using different sign in information for different apps wastes time and creates a security hazard whenever employees quit or are removed; with their login information still valid.

Okta and other identity management software allow users to sign into all of their business apps via a single dashboard, with a single touch. With Okta, managers can implement single sign-on for all or some of their business apps, for all or some of the users. They also do not need to add or remove user accounts manually from their CRM, access control, event management, and dozens of other business systems. Changes to the Okta directory are automatically updated across all connected applications, including Eventleaf.

The integration is the latest in a row of cloud-to-cloud automations Eventleaf developers have completed recently. The industry's simplest event app now works seamlessly with the most advanced enterprise applications including online access control, visitor management, automation, and virtual event software.

About Eventleaf
Eventleaf was launched in 2016 by Jolly Technologies, a Company that provides cloud-based and desktop software for event management, visitor management, space booking, and asset tracking. The main features of Eventleaf include event website; event planning including agenda, sessions, and speakers; event registration, online payments, touchless check in, badge printing, lead retrieval, and abstract management. More than 30,000 companies and 1,000,000 users around the world use Eventleaf and other Jolly Tech software.

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